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Writer / Director

Mr. Granda has a long history on the stage, in film and in the art world. He began his career as an actor at The Neighborhood Playhouse in NYC studying under the guidance of Sanford Meisner and William Alderson. 


Mr. Granda is currently the Head of Film Development at Merkel Media

He Produced the upcoming film THE SHAPE OF SHADOWS set for a Summer 2023 release. See the trailer here: He produced Project X for Merkel Media that  tells story of Wes Germer host of The Sasquatch Chronicles. This film is currently in post production.

Most recently Mr. Granda produced THE SASQUALOGIST for which he also wrote directed and starred opposite Brandon Swartz. This film is set for a Summer 2024 release. He is currently currently developing The Super Awesome  with his producing partner Brittney Goodwin


He is the host of Breaking Laws the Podcast and host of the TV show of the same name. See the trailer here. BREAKING LAWS

WRITER/DIRECTOR: Joseph is the writer and director of the feature film THE HEALING GARDEN  released in March 2021 Official Website here.  The film has been a critical and financial success. ​


TV: His TV show MIRACLE HUNTER is in development with outside producers.


STAGE:  Joseph originated the role of TIPPY, the singing junkie in the Broadway show CLUB HOUSE MADNESS.  The New York Times called his staring role as TCHAIKOVSKY in the off-Broadway play based on the composers life, an "Inspiration." 


ACTOR:  Joseph starred opposite Academy Award-winner, Mira Sorvino in the New Line Cinema film AMONGST FRIENDS, written and directed by Rob Weiss. He has played opposite Keanu Reeves in Alfonso Arau’s A WALK IN THE CLOUDS, opposite Eric Roberts, Theresa Russell and James Marsden in the HBO original film PUBLIC ENEMIES. He starred in Artisans’ theatrically released’ film CAUGHT UP, opposite Snoop Dog and LL Cool J. He recently starred in The PK's tv film for


SCREENWRITER:  NEW FILMS: Joseph recently adapted best selling author Douglas Wilson's latest novel "Ride Sally Ride" for the screen.  Joseph’s screenwriting credits include SMELLS LIKE SCHOOL SPIRIT for Red Door Development and WINNING AT WATERLOO for Bright Pictures. His screenplay WHITE NOISE was purchased by Saleem Films. In 2015, his screenplay OUT OF THE FLATIRONS was a finalist in the Kairos Prize for spiritually uplifting films.


His most ambitious screenplay, THE MARRIAGE OF ADAM AND EVE does for the Genesis story what Mel Gibson's THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST did for the Gospels. 


Brittany Goodwin 

Actor/ Producer

Brittany Goodwin is a director, writer, producer, and actor best known for her film If You’re Gone, adapted from her bestselling, Christy Award Nominated novel of the same name. Co-Owner of Every New Day Pictures, she began her career as a director and screenwriter over a decade ago, filling a needed void in the faith-based genre with the teen drama film Secrets in the Snow (2011) later followed by it’s sequel. In 2021 she started Edge of 27, a new production company that creates edgier, dramatic films for an adult audience while still restraining from the use of gratuitous language, violence or sexual content.


Additionally, Goodwin has directed for Sony/Pureflix, Reel One Entertainment and DBM Films, with upcoming titles that include The Prince & The PA, Little Heroes, Falling for Competition, Hometown Remedy, and The Abby Brooks Mysteries. Her on-screen credits include leading roles in Lifetime’s Sabotaging the Squad, Lifetime’s A View to Kill For, Sony/Pureflix’s An Unlikely Angel, and dozens of other film and television appearances. 


Whether as a director, writer, or actor, Goodwin strives to tell unique, thought-provoking stories that are female driven and empowering. She is currently in pre-production for her 13th as director with the faith-based drama film See You Again. 

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